Torque wrenches





Multi function torque task manager

This is an extremely useful multi-function controller that can serve many purposes, such as detecting loose joints, eliminating faulty fastener tightening,and task time management through connection with a KANON torque wrench,or torque driver.

●TCSK-99MA connects to KANON SWPM series torque tools.
●The red LED indicators are large and easy-to-read, allowing the operator to check the settings and progress of fastener tightening work at a glance.
With visible and audible signals, the TCSK-99MA prevents you from leaving joints loose during fastener tightening work.
●Compared with conventional products, TCSK-99MA offers many different functions at a lower price.
●TCSK-99MA can help manage work processes via external output signals.


-SWPM Series (Torque Wrench for connection TCSK-99MA)

When the tool clicks, indicating the joint is tightened to the specified torqur, a signal is sent to the TCSK-99MA.

SWPM tools connect with TCSK-99MA and prevent missing tightening joints.

※ Torque wrench setting of SWPM model of less than 5N·m (50 kgf ・cm) does not go signal properly, or stable accuracy .