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Available in foreign countries?
We have distributors in many countries mainly in Asia and Europe.
For detail, please inquire of International Business Department.
e-mail address:
A regular calibration cycle is determined?
Since products construction and customer’s using environment are different, we do not determine the specific period.  Most of the customers seem to regard one year as the standard.

Torque Wrenches & Torque Tools

Impact wrenches and Air torque wrenches are available?
Unfortunately, we do not deal in them.
Break over type or slip type torque wrenches are available?
Unfortunately, we do not deal in them.
With respect to clutch release type torque drivers can be provided. (LTDKSTDK)
You need the tools in the size which are not described on the catalog.
Special torque wrench can be quoted according to your request with the details of the description.
Please inquire of our distributors which you have dealings with.

※Please do not hesitate to inquire since simple additional process for standard products may be enough to meet your requirements.
I want to change the pre-set torque value on torque wrench.
Pre-set torque value change is available for single function type torque wrenches.
Please use
※adjusting tools and torque tester (Analyser) to check torque value.
Calibration certificates are available?
Upon request, we can provide them. The first time certificates are free of charge. (※Except for Tension gauges)  By using the enclosed application form for calibration certificates in postal card size, you can ask for delivery later on.
Besides, after 3 years from production, products need to be inspected again.
Sockets are available?
It is a regret to say that we do not deal in sockets.
Please inquire of socket manufacturers.



Vernier Calipers

Digital Vernier calipers to be connected with printers are available?
Output to PC is available?
Products with the last letter “B” of the model type can be connected with the exclusive printer “TPK-3” and connection code “CNB-1”..
For further details, please refer to products information TPK-3.
PC output is available by CNB-1(connection code)+input tool.
Left-handed Vernier calipers are available?
Since they are custom made, please inquire of us.
Digital Vernier calipers are possible to manufacture.  However, they read in minus (-) due since no left-handed type units are available.
What type is a battery for digital Vernier calipers?
EMA60J・100J→CR2032: 1 pc,  Other products SR44:1 pc
※ Use of LR44 instead of SR44 for SR44 applicable products may cause a failure.  Please make sure to use SR44.
JIS mark products are available?
Vernier calipers of the type M45~100SCM15~100 are certified with JIS mark.
We have oversized products which cannot be measured by Vernier calipers on the catalog.
We can study with drawings of the material to be measured.  Please inquire.
Calibration certificates are available?
Upon request, we can provide them but certification fee will be charged.  Regarding to the cost, please kindly inquire to the distributors.

There are three kinds of the documents.
Inspection result : Description of products inspection results , inspection environment and so on
Calibration certificates : Certifications of the calibration of the products
Traceability chart : Diagrams to show conformity with the national standards
A regular calibration cycle is determined?
We recommend one year as standard cycle for calibration.
What are the standard accessories?
Operation manual・Battery(only for digital Vernier caliper )・PVC cover(for some product only)
Failure!?  Display of the digital Vernier calipers is strange.
Case of error message displaying “Err**”
Possible causes are reading failure or dirt on main scale.  Please try to wipe the main body (part of scale) with soft cloth.
If it is not recovered, the main body seems to be distorted or damaged. → To be repaired.

Case of display happening to move excessively.
The unit seems to have a problem.  Please set up the battery again.
If it is not recovered, some failure may exist.   → To be inspected or repaired.
The type of the products in use cannot be identified.
Please take photo and send it to us by email with measuring range, serial number and the other letters curved on the scale.
e-mail address:
The parts come off and disappear ・・・ The spare parts can be purchased?
We can provide spare parts such as a piece of screw even.  Please refer to the parts lists and figures on the last pages of the catalog and find parts names and availability for regular supply.
In case of the products purchased long time ago, several or many kinds may exist due to changing specifications.
 So, please inquire after checking the products type and parts names certainly. See Catalog Data here.