Torque wrenches





Pre-set, torque wrench

Audible and tangible "CLICK" when the set torque is reached,
assuring a securely tightened joint. This series is well-suited for production line use.

"SPK" is metal handle and "SPKH" is with rubber grip. (80~670 model)

●A single function wrench, used for a single setting combination of fastener size and torque setting.
●Most suited for tightening multiple same-size fasteners at the same torque in a production line.
●Tightening to set torque only in the direction of the arrow indicator,
 but can be used for general tightening in the  other direction as well.
●setting confirmation unnecessary.
●Accuracy : 3% of pre-set value.

Example of order
  Model    Size   Pre-set value
  190SPK 10 × 140 kgf・cm

Adjusting tools

・Adjusting tool No.1
   30,80,190SPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N3, N8, N19SPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.2
   380,670SPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N38, N67SPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.3
   1200,1600,2200SPK (kgf・cm Unit) / 
   N120, N160, N220SPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.4
   3100SPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N310SPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.5
   4200SPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N420SPK (N・m Unit)
※Adjusting tool is option.